Student Testimonials

“He was very very helpful in making sure that all students understood the material. He would even reiterate it in different ways and would add humorous examples which was great for me in getting a better understanding.”

“An amazing TA. Explained things very clearly and made hard concepts easier for the class.”

“Teaching methods definitely contributed to my learning. I liked how we followed along in class with his coding and then he uploaded the code for us to look at later on. Was always helpful with answering questions during class and made sure we really understood everything.”

“Abus fostered an environment where students were comfortable enough to ask questions and add to the discussion. This helped a lot in my learning having a lot of dialogue rather than him lecturing the whole time. He asked a lot of questions so that forced me to get on guard and make sure I was familiar with the concepts.”

“Mr. Abus is perhaps the most highly effective instructor I’ve ever met. He teaches in a way that is engaging, fun, and novel. For instance, he teaches regression using a unique “cloud” method he devised himself; I’ve never seen it anywhere else, and I am convinced it is the best way to truly understand the concept. After listening to him, I felt able not only to intuit concepts and use them myself, but also to teach them to a peer. It is obvious he loves what he does, and puts his best effort into every lecture/recitation. Having him as a TA has been one of the most helpful things A&M has provided me.”

“Always encouraged us to first try on our own, but he made it very clear each class that he wanted us to come to him with questions. Murat is the best TA I have ever had. He responds to emails in a very timely manner- usually within 20 minutes. He is also available later in the evening which is super helpful. A very fair TA. Told us at the beginning of the semester that as long as we were showing up to class and clearly making an effort, we would do well in the class. I would strongly encourage anyone to take his TA section. I would also have loved having him as a professor instead of a TA.”

“He always mentioned that he was available for help a lot of the times. I learned the hard way that I had to get it together and not be afraid to ask for help.”