Murat Abus

Murat Abus

Ph.D. Student, Political Science

Syracuse University


Hello! I am a first-gen Ph.D. student originally from Turkey. I worked in various industries as well as spent considerable time on international assignments (Iraq, Libya, Djibouti, the Philippines) before returning to academia. I am a student of American Politics and Comparative Politics. I enjoy teaching and collaborating. I try to be active in the conference circuit. In addition to Turkish, I speak Russian.

I am an avid reader. Archaeology, travelling, and cars are my primary hobbies. I am fascinated by the transition from paleolithic to neolithic era, civilizations of the Old World, and late-model classic cars. I grew up in Erzurum in Eastern Turkey with an altitude of 1,900mt (6,233ft) above sea level.

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  • Political Behavior
  • Public Opinion
  • Media / Misinformation
  • Democratic Theory
  • Gender in Politics
  • Political Methodology
  • PhD in Political Science, 2023 🡒

    Syracuse University

  • PhD in Political Science, 2021 - 2023

    Texas A&M University

  • MA in Political Science, 2021

    Arkansas State University

  • BA in Political Science, 1998

    Bogazici University